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Traditional festivals in autumn



Many traditional festivals are held in autumn in Japan.

 The pictures below are “Hagi matsuri” in Nashiki Shrine, Kyoto.
"Hagi" means bush clover, and "matsuri" means festival in Japanese.

Bush clover is one of “aki-no-nanakusa”(the seven flowers of autumn.)
The seven flowers of autumn are the seven wildflowers, such as bush clover,Chinese silver grass,kudzu,fringed pink,golden lace, thoroughwort and balloon flower.

Although we can eat “haru-no-nanakusa”(the seven herbs of spring), we just enjoy viewing the seven flowers of autumn. We don’t pick nor eat them.

There are four seasons in Japan, Spring, Summer,Autumn and Winter.
“Ohanami”, cherry blossom viewing in spring is very famous, but we, Japanese are enjoying and appreciating the nature or flowers each season.

 This is the festival to appreciate bush clover in the shrine.
“Tanzaku” papers written haiku (Japanese poem) are hanging on the branches.

Various traditional Japanese arts such as kyogen play, Japanese dancing and shakuhachi bamboo flute are performed.




This is Ogasawara style of archery, horsemanship and etiquette.