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Momijigari, Autumn Leaves Viewing (2017)




Momijigari is “Autumn Leave Viewing.”  Autumn Leave Viewing is one of the seasonal events of Autumn in Japan.

After the hot and humid summer, people enjoy the comfortable climate and plan to view the colored autumn leaves.


 Mt. Fuji from Central Park of Shizuoka Prefecture


 In Ohanami, cherry blossom viewing in Spring, people eat and drink under the cherry blossom trees. Unlike Ohanami in Spring, people do not eat or drink, just view the colored autumn leaves. In Japan, we have four seasons and each season has the features. Autumn leaves turn red or yellow. The mountains with various trees turn autumn colors and look very beautiful. Autumn is the best harvest season. And we can taste various delicious dishes.




The full bloom of colored leaves is expected slightly later than average year. It is from the late of October to the beginning of December.
The color situation changes day by day. So please check the current situation below.

 Even though you do not visit famous tourist spots, you can see the colored leaves here and there in Japan.


Links for whole country colored leaves (only in Japanese)