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Osechi-ryori (Japanese New Year’s cuisine)

おせち料理 Osechi-ryori (Japanese New Year’s cuisine)

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Now, it is time to select Osechi-ryori, Japanese New Year's cuisine. 



Osechi-ryori are special dishes to eat at home during the New Year’s holidays.


Relatives come to gather to celebrate the new year. We eat Osechi-ryori. Osechi-ryori were originally prepared at home by housewives and their families on New year eves.

お正月を祝うために、親戚が集まり、おせち料理を食べます。 おせち料理は、もともと、大晦日に家で主婦や家族が料理を準備していました。

It takes so much time to prepare and needs various ingredients. So, it is getting very popular to buy Osechi-ryori at department stores and supermarkets.

調理には、とても時間がかかり、色々な材料も必要です。 それで、段々、デパートやスーパーで買うようになってきました。

To get popular Osechi-ryori prepared by famous Japanese chefs or restaurants, we need to order them more then one month in advance. Every year, I am so excited to select one of them.







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